The Future Ahead

Now that we’re halfway through the year known as 2020, I’m sure that everyone’s got multiple things racing through their heads. How’s COVID-19 going to end? Will we get justice for George Floyd and de-fund the police system? How are we going to come back to “normal”?

Especially as musicians and fans, what are WE going to do during these times? What can we expect for music and the near future? I can offer you certain ideals and hopeful thoughts for music, but only if we listen to them.

Keep supporting your favorite artists online.

Whether it be by buying merchandise, streaming their music constantly, or sharing their music, we as the fans can still show our love for the bands. Have a listening party with your friends! Go to different forums and talk about your mutual love of said band! As we slowly start returning to the outside world, we should remember that although we can’t physically support them right now with shows, we can still show them our love online.

If you have the opportunity to do so, take the time to listen to new artists.

With life being exponentially slower and some of us having the privilege to sit around and do nothing most of the day, take this time to explore all the new music that’s out there! The internet is chock full of music that’s being created daily, and some of those artists are pulling double-duty by uploading even more during quarantine. By allowing yourself a bit of time to check them out, you can potentially find a new favorite to fawn over, or even be helping them survive!

Please respect social distancing guidelines as we return to concerts!

Look, I enjoy dancing and being wild at a concert. I understand how difficult it will be to be forced to be treated like children in a line. Yet, if you want to start attending shows as soon as possible, please acknowledge if the venue says no moshing/crowd-surfing and to stay six feet apart. Otherwise, you’re going to have a bad time. People have brought up the argument that no moshing would make it feel as if they’re missing part of the experience — and to that I argue that you have to view the concert from a different perspective. I completely get it if the music makes you move, but why not take in the concert 100% with your eyes? Maybe appreciate the banter between the band members, appreciate the changes in the song they’re playing compared to the album version, appreciate the vibe in the room. There’s many ways to experience a concert, not just purely physical.

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