Supporting Artists Through the Pandemic

It shouldn’t be a secret that most artists are struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. With their main source of revenue on hiatus, artists are now having to find creative ways to supplement their income until live shows return.

Here are some ways you can support your favorite artists:

Officially Licensed Merchandise

Outside of concert revenue and album sales, officially licensed merch is where most artists make their money. The highest of which is shirts. So if you’re looking to support your favorite artist AND spruce up your wardrobe, treat yourself to a cool new band shirt.


Several artists have used the quarantine to create Patreon accounts. I am a BIG supporter of Patreon accounts. Like the aristocracy of the days of old, supporting artists on Patreon makes me feel like I might be supporting the next Beethoven or Shakespeare or Van Gogh.

Selecting tiers that fit your budget with perks from the artist is yet another way to help supplement the income of your favorite artists.


Sometimes just a flat donation helps. I, for one, have reached out to a few struggling artists and sent money via Venmo. It may not be much, just what I can spare. But I’d rather donate $20 for an artist to eat and have them continue to pursue their musical dreams than let COVID-19 extinguish potentially bright careers.

Social Media

No money? No problem! By following and sharing the social media accounts of your favorite artists, you are helping them to reach a bigger audience. Maybe you introduce someone new to an artist AND they can help monetarily. Who knows? So retweet, reblog, reshare! Get their names out there to the masses!

Social/Emotional Check-Ins

Look. We’re all in the same boat. We’re stuck inside and some of us haven’t seen other people in the flesh for two months. Sending a kind email, note, text… whatever… is a reciprocal tool. You are talking to someone AND they are hearing from someone. A “Thank you” or “Hey! I appreciate you!” can do a lot for someone’s self esteem. Boost each other up! Be friendly!

We are a LONG ways away from getting back to anything that looks like our “old” normal. Try to think of out of the box ways to reach out to your favorite musicians, artists, and bands. They were there for you during your last break-up, fight, or life changing event. Be there for them now.

(Oh, and please wash your hands. I dunno why I have to remind people about practical hygiene.)

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