DJ Phoenix Unleashes A “Violent Affair”

DJ Phoenix continues his rise from the ashes with his newest release "Violent Affair."
DJ Phoenix. Photo Courtesy of DJ Phoenix’s Instagram.

It’s no secret that DJ Phoenix has made an EDM fan out of this metal head. Now he continues to do so with his latest release, “Violent Affair.” Released Friday, November 22, 2019, DJ Phoenix hurls listeners into a tumultuously poignant musical drama.

Aiming to release new music every year, DJ Phoenix works tirelessly honing his craft. With every release, listeners have been delighted to hear the ever evolving sound that is DJ Phoenix.

“The album took pretty well a full year to make because typically all of my albums are creatively fueled by anger or bitterness. A bad break up. A broken heart. A bad life situation. This album doesn’t have a lot of that. It was made in a time where I finally got to a place in life where there is no negativity or drama, no broken heart, no toxic relationships. So this was very difficult to make when you’re forced to be creative from a different facet” DJ Phoenix shares.

“Violent Affair” intertwines DJ Phoenix’s normal pop-infused EDM sound with references to old school rap. “I’ve been following Ice T a lot on Twitter and interacting with him a bit. That sparked some rap inspiration so I took a stab at it.” A stab that hit all the major arteries.

Listening to “Violent Affair” is hypnotic to say the least. “The album art. The title. The tracks. All depict how at times you end up arguing with yourself. Arguing with your other side with what to do next, what goals you want to achieve, how to get there, who to love, who to hate; it’s a constant violent affair with yourself while you go through life and ultimately that little war with yourself makes you the person you are… So in the album there’s a wild side, the soft side that wants love and romance, the side that wants to prove haters wrong, a chilled out side… all the different emotions you experience amongst yourself I tried to encapsulate in the album.”

Let’s be honest I just hope people think it doesn’t suck.

-DJ Phoenix

Well… mission accomplished! This album definitely doesn’t suck and will rival many other releases for a top spot in the 2019 end of year wrap up.

Album Highlights
Wild Side: The album starts on a high note with this track (and continues to soar from there). “Wild Side” definitely harkens back to the old school rap stylings that inspired DJ Phoenix, but with an unusual and enticing EDM twist. This song definitely gets you up and moving.

Nothing Personal: The first instrumental on the album, this song has been on heavy repeat for me. It is arguable my favorite track. The song is entrancing. The melodic beat quickly transports the listener to a place of serenity. The song is tranquil and euphonious.

Falling Apart: This track brings DJ Phoenix back to the pop-infused EDM sound for which he is known. The beat is melodic in nature and very catchy.

Let Go: This track slows the tempo and beat. The song is quick to put any listener in a trance.

This follow up to “One Man Apocalypse” shows extensive growth for this budding DJ. If DJ Phoenix continues this evolutional journey, I am sure we can expect many many more great pieces of music from him in the future.

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