MCM Featuring Ben Christo of Diamond Black

This British Babe is perhaps most well known for being the current lead guitarist and backing vocalist for The Sisters of Mercy (since 2006). But what many don’t know is that he is an extremely talented (not to mention) good looking guitarist.

In 2008, Christo founded (the now defunct) Night by Night. He has toured extensively with musical greats like Nathan Gray and KMFDM legend Raymond Watts with his solo industrial project <PIG>. In fact, Christo helped to co-write and performed on <PIG> “Risen.”


Jan-Vincent Velasco, Raymond Watts, and Ben Christo on tour with <PIG>.

Not one to stay still for too long, Christo is the director, performer, and promoter for the London-Based 80’s cover band, Shot thru the Heart. (Seriously, probably the ONLY cover band I would ever pay to see.)


Ben Christo’s promo shot for Diamond Black.

2016 saw the reemergence of Christo founding Diamond Black. DB is receiving accolades from many well-established musicians like Mark Gemini Thwaite of The Mission and Michael McKeegan of The Therapy.


On top of being a highly sought after guitarist, Christo has mastered the art of the bathroom selfie. (Don’t believe me? Check out his instagram account.)


Jaakko Turunen (lead singer for Diamond Black), Chris “The Lord” Harms (lead singer for Lord of the Lost and last week’s MCM), and Ben Christo.

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