MCM Featuring Chris “The Lord” Harms of Lord of the Lost

Our features the extraordinary Chris “The Lord” Harms. Harms is the brain-child and lead singer for the German metal band Lord of the Lost. His deep baritone voice is a real treat. He has the brains and beauty to match his talent!

Harms is not only a skilled singer and songwriter, but also an accomplished cellist. His experiences in music (ranging from glam-rock to classical to metal) give him a unique perspective into creating music.

Embedding himself deep within the music industry, Harms earned a degree in sound engineering from the prestigious SAE Institute. He has also taught classes and given lectures at the institute. After establishing himself with his band, he has reached out further to become a music producer and video producer. Recently, Harms produced KMFDM’s “Hell Yeah” record. He also did some modeling for the Hamburg-based clothing line Pyrate Styles.

Harms is known for showing his goofy side in the band’s web series “TV of the Lost.” His energetic and enthusiastic performances show that he is always down for a good time. In fact, he stole a fan’s phone during a recent show and filmed from his perspective!


Harms is also known for being extremely open and welcoming to all of his fans.

In 2017, Lord of the Lost signed with Napalm Records. In 2018, they completed an extensive World Tour that included performing all over Europe, Russia, and China!

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