WCW Featuring Nyxx

Our WCW goes out to the ever amazing Nyxx.

Behind her coquettish looks and sweet personality lurks the mind of a talented individual who is thoroughly aware of who she is and what she stands for.

One of the most intriguing parts of Nyxx is her name.  She took her stage name after reading about the Greek goddess Nyx.  “DUDE. She’s the ‘subduer of gods and men.’ She’s fierce, even Zeus is afraid of her! There was no question, that was my name. It’s nice that it also serves as a little reminder to believe in myself, my power, and to carry myself as such.”  Choosing a strong powerful stage name is fitting considering all that she has accomplished and how she accomplished it.

Going back to the age of 3, Nyxx fondly remembers improvising songs to sing to her infant brother.  But as she grew older, she didn’t find the encouragement she needed from her high school classmates.  “I had very unsupportive and just mean peers.”   By there seemed to be a light at the end of tunnel towards 11th grade.  Nyxx met her friend Kacie Durso after a move to Florida.  “She really pushed and inspired me to become a better musician. We wrote music damn near everyday and performed around town as much as we could.” This seemed to help Nyxx gain the momentum she needed to follow her passion. 

Later in her senior year of high school, she met Patrick Matera, Katy Perry’s former guitarist.  He suggested that she try out of a Randy Jackson show putting together a type of “Paramore” cover band.  Nyxx is quick to point out that looking back at the cover, it wasn’t her best work.  But as luck would have it, the producers loved her tape.  The pushing and suggesting that she should follow a career in music from someone in the industry helped her make up her mind.  The day after her senior gallery show, Nyxx packed her bags and headed to LA.

Once in LA, Nyxx was faced with some harsh realities of the music industry.  It seems that being a woman in any job market can be difficult.  Nyxx points out that “Personally, there have been times, that I’ve been made to feel inferior, stupid, crazy, or under-qualified because I am a woman. I’ve had to learn to really, fully embrace who I am as a person, an artist, and a woman. It’s still a struggle and a conscious effort, but when I feel that little flame light up… it’s like right in the center of my ribs… I feel excited because I know how much power and potential I have inside me.”  Being driven by this embrace of self, Nyxx is slowly understanding how the industry works and what it takes to be successful.  “I am still learning about the music industry. I like that it is a format that is easily accessible. The internet is everything for a musician these days. Some people out there are doing really incredible things and even if a label doesn’t “like” them, the world could love them, and the world needs to and, thankfully, can hear them.

As she continues to learn and push herself to new and amazing heights, she also reflects on the misconceptions that she, and most people, have about success in the music industry.  “I think the biggest misconception is that you need a label to ‘make it.’ I thought, for so long, that I wouldn’t be what I thought to be ‘successful’ until I was signed onto a major label. Now, it’s not that I don’t want a label anymore, but my view has since changed a bit. You, the artist, put in SO much work before a label will even so much as LOOK at you. Why not push a little further and see if you can do it independently? I like to push my limits. Wouldn’t it be rad if a woman just crushed the Billboard charts independently?!” 

As Nyxx continues her quest for world domination, she reflects on all the hard work she has to do to continue her stride.  On top of creating amazing music and making phenomenal videos, Nyxx is cognizant of the fact that social media is necessary to help her get her name out there.  “I think some are better for different fields, but, yes, ALL are important.  It’s the easiest and most efficient way to build.  I have been completely and utterly overwhelmed with it.  I have to check 6 different email accounts, post to my Instagram accounts (some I’ve sadly abandoned, simply from lack of time, Youtube, my personal Facebook, my music Facebook, both Facebook’s emails, Soundcloud, Twitter, Bandcamp, and my website.” 

Nyxx’s newest single “Voodoo” was released January 5th, 2018.

When corresponding with Nyxx and watching her videos, it’s difficult to ignore that spark of excitement and determination in her.  It’s even easier to see why Daniel Graves would be excited to work with her.  Graves always speaks very highly of Nyxx, her talent, and her penchant for thinking outside the box.  In return, Nyxx points out that the support he has given her was unexpected but extremely motivational.  “He is an amazing artist and producer…  I can’t describe how grateful I am to have him see my potential, see my confidence struggles, and poke me to stand up straight and do what I came to do… and that’s take over the world, dammit!”

As Nyxx describes how inspiration and influences help her with her music, she makes a very profound statement about music itself.  “I consider myself ‘influence’ when something gives me chills and makes me want to write IMMEDIATELY.  That can be a sound, a whole song, or even something not musical.” 

Visit Nyxx’s webpage for more videos, photos, blog entries, etc.

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