MCM Featuring Cardinal Copia of Ghost

Today’s MCM highlights Tobias Forge’s newest incarnation, Cardinal Copia.

For those unfamiliar with Ghost, Tobias Forge has created a mythos that surrounds a series of satanic popes singing in front of a bunch of nameless ghouls.  His latest version, Cardinal Copia, has yet to earn the title “Papa.”

Affectionately known as Cardi C within the fandom, Forge’s newest character appears to be an amalgamation of the two previous Papas (Papa II and Papa III).  Ever the suave man, Cardi C is quick to drop a lewd joke on stage.  (Just this past week, he asked crowds if songs “made your asses wobble” and if they “tickled your taint.”

As a (slightly) obsessed fan, I attended the Sacramento and San Jose rituals in California.

Prior to the show, I had a meet and greet with the Cardinal.  He asked how I was.  Because my brain to mouth filter never works around this man, I said “I’m kinda cold.”  Lasciviously, he replied “Don’t worry.  I’ll heat you up real soon.”

Half way through the first 90 minute set, Copia personally serenaded me.  (Thankfully, I have wonderful friends who were able to capture the moment.)

The man behind the mask is quite different when in character, but there is no denying that he is uniquely talented and unequivocally intelligent.

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