Combichrist at Slim’s in SF

Saturday, May 11th Combichrist descended upon the masses at Slim’s in San Francisco. The night proved to be a spectacular experience with previews of upcoming music, pizza, and breakdancing. For anyone who has seen Combichrist live, you know that there is non-stop excitement from beginning to end.

LA based band Silver Snakes set the scene for the night. The Alternative band played before a hyped, albeit, small crowd. From beginning to end, the band played their hearts out. Utilizing multiple synthesizers, guitar, drums, and bass, the band introduced the SF crowd to their world. The best use of the stage came from a non-descript black and white video playing on a white sheet behind them. With lights low, the visuals and light-up microphone provided the only true illumination on stage.

This tour sees a reincarnation of the Combichrist line-up. As Joe Letz and Nick Rossi depart, Andy LaPlegua and company welcome Dane White and Will Spod into the fold. As a long-time fan, seeing a line-up change is not necessarily new. Spod and White did not disappoint. Spod brings the all the quirkiness of Joe Letz and White brings the raw talent and muscle of Rossi. Coupling these two youngsters with the magic of Eric 13 and LaPlegua, it is clear that this is a line-up that meshes well. (Even before the show, the guys were joking and messing around with each other in a jovial manner that I have not always been able to witness.)

Combichrist’s 9th album, One Fire, is set to be released on June 7th. During the preshow, LaPlegua commented “You have no idea how difficult it is to finish an album in November and have to hold on to it until June. It’s tough man, it’s tough. It’s like my baby.” During the preshow, fans were treated to a preview of the track “California Uber Alles.”

Always open for some fun, the guys also agreed to take some staged photos for my classroom. First, I reprimand them. Then, they reprimand me. (Good Fun.)

Be sure to check out Combichrist and Silver Snakes on one of the remaining dates.

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