MCM featuring Joe Letz

The only man to look better in a dress than me:  Joe Letz.  Former drummer for Combichrist and current drummer for Aesthetic Perfection, Joe Letz is a wonderful amalgamation of humor, good looks, and pure talent.  For anyone who has ever seen Letz perform live, it is easy to say he is an amazingly gifted drummer.  Never one to run out of energy, he takes drumming to the next level.  On top of his many on stage antics, such as throwing his drums at bandmates and the crowd to standing on his stool, Joe Letz really just wants to have a good time.

Adding to his overall appeal, Letz has been brutally honest about his sobriety.  Via facebook and other social media platforms, he spoke of his lowest points and his need to improve himself.  I applaud him for being that self-aware and making that change for himself and his son.

Joe Letz recently announced that he has rejoined Emigrate,  a European alternative metal band based in New York City, led by German Richard Z. Kruspe, the lead guitarist of the band Rammstein.

Check out their newest video, featuring our MCM Joe Letz:

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