Review: “One Man Apocalypse” by DJ Phoenix

DJ Phoenix on Stage
Photo Courtesy of DJ Phoenix’s Website.

DJ Phoenix is continuing to rise from the ashes with his latest album, “One Man Apocalypse.”

DJ Phoenix’s eighth full album is a two-year labor of love.  Constantly tweaking and editing his music, he took his time to ensure that this album was, in deed, a masterpiece.  From start to finish, the album gets you movin’ and groovin’.  The brilliancy of the album is the unfolding story of his own personal life.  Every song flows well into the other, making this a spectacular achievement.

Highlights from the album include 2017’s single “Stuck on You”, “Synthesthesia”, and “Hell and Back.”  In reality, there isn’t a bad track on the record.  Whether you need uptempo music at the gym or just a tune to put a smile on your face, this is the album. DJ Phoenix is a prime example of someone who blends and fuses genres of music together to create his own unique sound.

DJ Phoenix seems to specialize in making EDM fans out of non-EDM fans.

His own rating of the album “a solid 7.5 out of 10” must have something to do with Canadian currency.  This album definitely deserves at least an 8.  (Just Kidding.  I give it a full 10.)

Full Track List:
1.  Synthesthesia
2.  At Worlds End
3.  Start a Riot
4.  Sugar Daddy
5.  Stuck on You
6.  My Greatest Mistake
7.  Clarity
8.  Hell and Back
9.  The Monster Within
10.  Low and High

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You can also check out his SoundCloud.

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