Dakota Sean: Candid and Sincere

Thanks to my job with Chimera Magazine, I was able to talk to lead singer Dakota Sean of Another Day Dawns. Check out the first part of the interview here.

Aside from the feedback and insights he shared about the band, touring, and their latest EP A Different Life, Dakota shared some funny stories and eye-opening thought about the music industry.

Dakota Sean of Another Day Dawns live.
Photo courtesy of Another Day Dawns website.

One of my favorite questions to ask musicians is if they have funny tour stories or anecdotes to share with readers. Dakota was quick to share a particularly bizarre situation the band faced on stage.

“I think Nick, our drummer, he was–we were playing at this pretty big venue, and um, (laughs) his finger… I dunno if he like, uh, got a huge blister on his hand or something along the lines of his fingers were bleeding pretty bad all over the snare. I look back and I didn’t even realize what was going on at the time until the song was over and we had to take a break. And then, I’m looking and I’m like ‘Oh my god!’ It’s literally all over the drums, all over the drumsticks and everything. And he’s running to the bathroom and all of the sudden this fan creeps up to the stage… he takes ALL of Nick’s sticks that were covered in blood and he’s like… he just takes them and runs off. And we [the band] are all looking at each other like ‘What the hell?!’… He put them all in a bag and ran out of the venue. And we’re all like ‘What the fuck?!’ That was probably only one of those moments, but I’m sure once we get back out and hit the road there’s gonna be crazy stories.”

Dakota also shed some light on how Another Day Dawns is more introspective when they are on tour, often looking to those who are more seasoned to determine what persona they want to put forth.

The band maintains a close-knit, yet separate relationship. Though they live in the same house, they keep their personal lives separate from their professional lives. Dakota points out that at some point during the day, they make sure to touch base with each other. They also set aside bonding time for the band. “When a band movie comes out… Like the Bohemian Rhapsody one or the now Motley Crue one, we kinda all watch it together. And we kinda see how it goes and what happens.”

The band also pays attention to the antics of the bigger bands that headline shows. They observe and discuss how certain pre-show activities, such as heavy drinking, can effect the stage show. “When we were on tour with Avatar, they’re out their jumping rope for four hours before they hit the stage. And we were all ‘Okay. Maybe we could do that, ya know?’ Something positive… That’s what we sit and look back on. Do we wanna be the band that’s fit constantly or the band that’s up there drunk, yelling at their fans? Um… we’ll be the band that’s fit.”

When I asked him about the biggest misconception of the music industry he’d like to correct, he was quick to say “…not all musicians are druggies, you know?… A lot of the hate we get is ‘Oh, musicians are hooked on drugs. Yada, yada, yada.’ And we’re like ‘No. We’re pretty fit. We stay fit… we take care of ourselves and we get ready for the road. We all don’t drink all the time.”

Check out more from Any Day Dawns… you won’t be disappointed!


Their latest EP, A Different Life, is available on most media platforms.

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