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Billy Idol and Steve Stevens: Turned On, Tuned In, and Unplugged

Steve Stevens and Billy Idol

On March 8th, Billy Idol and Steve Stevens played an acoustic set at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

As a 36th birthday treat, my friend Monica and I decided to enjoy an evening out to celebrate. By happenstance, Billy Idol and Steve Stevens happened to playing a second date in San Francisco. While I had never been to a Billy Idol show before, I was happy to jump at the opportunity… and Billy didn’t disappoint.

Even at 63, Billy Idol’s voice still sounds amazing. And of course, Steve Stevens is a genius on the guitar. Billy treated the audience to covers and hits, as well as back stories for his life.

The only downside to the show was the sound system at the Palace of Fine Arts. While I love and enjoy great music, I couldn’t properly appreciate Steve Steven’s guitar playing because of crackling speakers and feedback . (Was the sound tech on break for the entire show?)

The highlights for the show included “Rebel Yell”, “Eyes without a Face”, and “White Wedding.” Sadly, my favorite “Cradle of Love” didn’t make the setlist, but I’ll survive.

Billy Idol

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