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Eric 13 Takes Time to Talk about Literature

Eric 13, of Combichrist and Sex Slaves, took an hour from his busy schedule Thursday to talk to California AP Literature students about the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison.

Originally, Eric 13 was just going to share his thoughts and reactions to the book with a prerecorded video. But when the opportunity for a “face-to-face” chat presented itself, he didn’t pass on the chance.

Both Eric 13 and students discussed the difficulties and complexities of the Nobel Prize Winning work. Deep conversations regarding the uncomfortable situations and topics of the novel allowed both parties to gain a more intense understanding of the novel. Eric 13 also provided students with the reassurance that they weren’t the only ones that grappled with the dark and intense novel.

AP Literature students listen intently to Eric 13’s impression of Toni Morrison’s Beloved.

28 eager faces held on to every word, comment, and question that Eric 13 had to share with them. In fact, Eric 13 was so enthusiastically invested in the conversation that he is planning on tackling their next novel (William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus) with the hopes of continuing these chats.

At the conclusion of the conversation, Eric 13 noted “That was so fun! What a cool group of students. So many articulate answers and interesting insights. I really feel like I learned some things. Thanks so much for allowing me to interact with your class!”

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