“Voodoo Doll” Video Review

Lord of the Lost is continuing to push the boundaries of art and music with their latest video “Voodoo Doll.” Once again, the band teams up with VDPictures to create a visually stunning video.

A bonus track on the deluxe edition of Thornstar, the track received high praise from fans around the world. Now the fifth single off the 2018 album has a controversial video attached.

Lord of the Lost built a lot of hype behind the video because of fear that it would be removed from youtube for graphic violence. Ten and a half hours later, the video is still playing on youtube (and racking up a lot of plays).

Directors Matteo Vdiva Fabbiani and Chiara Cerami have outdone themselves with the visuals for the video. From the opening scene, your eyes are glued to the screen. Scenes cut back and forth between a photo of lead singer Chris “The Lord” Harms and his actual self. Throughout the video, a female’s hands are seen gauging at Harms visage. As the video cuts back and forth, viewers see how the pins begin to effect Harms physically. The most striking of which are the first pins that strike his eyes. Through the rest of the video, Harms eyes appear to be milky white. The culminating needle shows the unseen female slashing Harms throat as he continues to sing “I don’t fear these pins and needles/ You have no power over me.”

VDPictures and Lord of the Lost always create breathtakingly exquisite videos to capture the emotions behind the music. Their partnership obviously works well as this is only the latest in many videos between the two.

To view other collaborations between Lord of the Lost and VDPictures, visit Lord of the Lost’s youtube page.

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