Ulrike Goldmann and Chris Pohl of BlutEngel.
Photo courtesy of BlutEngel’s website.

German Dark Wave Blutengel released their 11th studio album, “Un: Gott”, on February 25th. Chris Pohl and Ulrike Goldmann have released, in my humble opinion, one of the best albums to date. There is not a bad track on the album. BlutEngel is known for creating music surrounding the common Gothic themes of love, lust, fetish, and vampires.

Following their typical style, BlutEngel smoothly incorporates female and male vocals in German and English. Highlights of the album include the singles “Vampire” and “Morningstar.” The deluxe edition also features several remixes of the original tracks by notable musicians such as Rabia Sorda.

Following the album from start to finish, it is obvious that Pohl and Goldmann’s voices compliment each other well. Whether singing together or separately, their vocals create a mellifluous sound. Goldmann adds an ethereal sound to the baritone vocals of Pohl.

“Vampire” features on upbeat tempo with a sinister message about the sexual prowess of a strong woman. Lyrics such as “You are addicted to her touch/ And you lose yourself in her/ Dangerous smile” highlight the seductiveness of a woman who knows what she wants… and gets it. The video for the single builds on this message showing Pohl and Goldmann singing the warning of the female vampire to a club, yet no one heeds these warnings.

BlutEngel continues their journey into Gothic themes through the song “Morningstar.” Both the song and video explore the ideas of religion and sex. In their always theatrical style, the song begins with pipe organs that set the sinister tone of the song. Then as chanting builds, the tempo builds. The song and video build on the idea of what happens behind closed doors. Worshipping the fallen angel (Morningstar/Lucifer) for a way to salvation are central themes to many of BlutEngel’s work.

BlutEngel has set out on a European tour in support of this amazing release. Be sure to catch their live show if you can!

“Un: Gott” Track-List:

Together as One
Into the Void
Praise the Lord
Not My Home
Seductive Dreams
Surrender to the Darkness
I’m Alive
Am Ende der Zeit
Resurrection of the Light
The Last Song

Bonus Tracks (Featured on Deluxe Edition Only):

Into the Void (Rave the Reqviem Remix)
König (Any Second Remix)
Am Ende der Zeit (Wort-Ton Remix)
Teufelswerk (Attack Mix by Angriffspakt)
Praise the Lord ([x]-Rx Remix)
Resurrection of the Light (Black Summer Version by Rabia Sorda)
Surrender to the Darkness (Harmjoy Remix)
Teufelswerk (Battle Scream RMX feat. Alex Pest)
Auf deinen Wegen (A Light in the Dark Remix by Blutengel)

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