Why I Support Artists Via Patreon

In the middle ages and during the Renaissance period, those who sought out beauty often found that they needed to support those who created beauty.  Whether it was music, art, or literature, many artists could not afford to create their beauty alone.  They need the financial help of those more fortunate than them.  Some of the greatest artist had patronage from the elite and well-to-do:  William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo. Their art never sustained them a comfortable lifestyle. 

Sadly, the art industry has not changed much.  Many of the world’s most talented artists work multiple jobs or get lost in the sea of impossibility.

Now, many sites are appearing to help with the financial inequity that comes with creating art.  GoFundMe, Patreon, KickStarter, and IndieGoGo are examples of 21st century ways to become a patron of the arts.

As I have an affinity for music, I have supported several musicians using these various platforms.  While all have their positive attributes, for some the negatives are way too high.  I have walked away from all of these platforms, save one:  Patreon.

The benefits, functionality, and ease of Patreon make it the most logical choice to use.  Here are some benefits:

  • Direct access to the artist
  • Multi-tiered levels that fit your budget
  • Community Forum
  • Access to instagram-like lenses
  • Direct artist updates

If an artist implements all the aspects of Patreon appropriately, it can create an amazing sense of accomplishment and community.  

I have been a patron to four different accounts via Patreon.  Two people have managed to utilize all of the aspects in a very healthy and exciting manner.  Two others I dropped because they could not keep me engaged in their creative processes.  

This is the homescreen for Patreon. It shows posts from the creators I support. I have the option to interact with them and other members of the community.

To see how some artists that have successfully (in my opinion) utilized Patreon to its fullest extent, check out:

Daniel Graves

Eric 13

Maybe consider looking into supporting these two artists to get a feel for it.

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