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Grammy Nods for Ghost

Swedish band Ghost garners TWO Grammy nods.
Prequelle is Ghost’s fourth full-length album.

The band Ghost is continuing to prove they are a force to be reckoned with.

As Grammy nominations were announced, news that the Swedish metal band was nominated for Best Rock Album (Prequelle)  AND Best Rock Song (“Rats”). With one Grammy win already under their belts, fans are hoping for a repeat plus one this year.

2018 has proven to be a year of trials and tribulations (pun intended) for Ghost.  After being unmasked by former band mates, Tobias Forge faced an uphill media battle.  Part of the mystery for Ghost was that no members were actually known (except by the few and true).  Thrust into the spotlight, Forge has been making many attempts to continue to shelter his identity.  

Prequelle is affectionately called Shade-quelle amongst die-hard fans who saw through the veiled insults about slander and inappropriation of funds.  Forge continues to troll the media hard, showing the true depths of his intelligence and wit.

Prequelle has already topped many music magazines Top Albums of 2018, so this nomination isn’t really huge surprise.  The second single, “Dance Macabre,” though not nominated for a Grammy is seeing some very serious air-time.

Their previous Grammy win was for their hit “Cirice” off the 2015 Meliora.

Meme credits to @doomherre on Instagram.

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