Papa Don’t Preach, Cardi’s Into Fashion… Deep

Tobias Forge stirred up the fandom today when he showed up to interviews unmasked, but still incognito.

Tobias Forge stirred up the fandom today when he showed up at a Sirius XM and iHeartRadio interview unmasked, but still incognito.

Ghost’s band director and lead singer appeared at both interviews donning a wig and pencil thin mustache instead of his typical leather jacket and band shirt.  Between interviews with Sirius XM and iHeartRadio, he also managed to change from a pin-striped jacket to a sparkly threaded one with a fedora to complete the ensemble.  He also wore large shades a la Marilyn Monroe.  Quickly, Forge’s “character” for the interview drew comparisons to Steven Tyler, Charles Bronson, Johnny Depp, Prince, and even (someone help us) Derek Zoolander.

As photos emerged of Forge, the fandom when crazy. Though the interviews were less than stellar (do interviewers understand you should let the musician talk and answer questions?), Forge managed to show his snarky attitude.  References to dick size and humping everything in sight once again at the forefront of his conversation.

Speaking about his ability to dress as the Cardinal, he said he can “step into it and act like a dick for a while.”

Many fans are calling for the fedora adorned Forge to make appearances at Meet and Greets.Regardless of how you feel about Ghost and/or Tobias Forge, the hashtag #LetTheFedoraAndMustacheStay needs to be spread.  

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