The Ghost Family

Music has always been a saving grace in my life, allowing me to find empathy through instruments and lyrics when I couldn’t find it in real life. For the past few years, I’ve been going through some personal shit. Like we all do, right? We all have those highs and lows in life. In fact, Tobias Forge talks about this towards the end of each Ghost show.

As I have continued to follow Ghost, I have found that it is more and more my safe-haven. The friends I have made within the community have become more like family. We all celebrate our highs and lows together.

No longer feeling like the lone black sheep, I feel it is important to recognize those who have supported, cared, and commiserated with me.

Left to Right: Elizabeth, Me, Ivo, and Anne. Photo Credit: The security guard using Ivo’s phone.
Me and Elizabeth in Sacramento.

Elizabeth and I met at the Warfield show in 2017. We had seen each other at the Fresno show, but didn’t get a chance to talk. Elizabeth and I attended the Sacramento and San Jose shows this year. In between those two shows, we celebrated her 21st birthday.

Elizabeth and I in San Jose.

Not only is Elizabeth the greatest to hang out with, she makes the concert so much more enjoyable. I’ve never met someone with so much passion for music.

I met Heather at the Oracle Arena during the summer of 2017. We were both at the show for Ghost. While waiting for our Meet and Greet, we sat, chatted, and exchanged information. We kept in contact via facebook and instagram. (Heather is a great photographer! Check out her photos on instagram!) . I found that Heather and I had very similar tastes in music. She was always at a show that would eventually make its way down to me.

I came into some extra tickets (okay, a lot of extra tickets) for the Sacramento show. I immediately thought of Heather. I told her if she could get to California, the tickets were hers! She came down from Washington with Maria, and we had a blast.

Left to right: Me, Heather, and Maria. Photo courtesy of Maria.

I literally met Maria the day of the Sacramento show. Right away, we hit it off! She’s super enthusiastic about everything! She loves to laugh and is extremely witty. We had so much fun talking and chatting about so many different topics.

I am forever grateful to Heather for bringing Maria into my life. She is a great person.

What can I say about this dude? I am literally so bummed that we didn’t hang out until 4 days before he left. Ivo is one of those guys that is always down for a good time… but still super chill. It was a blast hanging with him and talking about music.

A lot of my friends said I was crazy for agreeing to pick up and drive some random dude from the Netherlands all the way to Sacramento by myself. But it is a choice I definitely don’t regret. It turns out Ivo and I have a lot of the same musical tastes. We spent most of the 2 1/2 hour drive talking about bands and concerts we’ve been to. He was just so easy to talk to.

Anne and I met by a happy happenstance. She had an extra front row ticket for Ivo. We met at the Sacramento show and totally hit it off. As Anne said “Teachers know their people. You are my people!” Ha ha! Anne, you were right! Teachers somehow seek out other teachers without realizing it!

It was so nice to meet a fellow educator who could not only talk the politics of teaching, but totally nerd out over Ghost! It was so much fun and I’m glad I got to meet her. We had two really fun concerts and I hope we see each other at more!

The Ghouls of Northern California:
If I didn’t mention you by name, it isn’t because I forgot about you. You have proven to me that friendship knows no boundaries. We all support each other, help each other, and fan girl/boy together. Here’s to many more years of concerts, Ghost gifs, and working until we’re 90 to support our addiction!

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