The Black Queen Set To Release Infinite Games On Sept 28th! Let The Black Queen Reign! – Album Review

Formed in 2011, LA Trio The Black Queen is set to release their sophomore album Infinite Games on September 28th.  Harnessing the vocal talents of Greg Puciato(former The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist) with the musical talents and stylings of Steven Alexander Ryan (Telefon Tel Aviv, Puscifer, and Nine Inch Nails) and Joshua Eustis (technician for Nine Inch Nails, Ke$ha, and A Perfect Circle)  the synth-heavy industrial group is set to make a name for themselves.

This unique combination of musicians have created an album that is entirely satisfying to the ear and soul.  From beginning to end, the listener is transported to an alternate dimension of sorrow, passion, and peace. Puciato’s haunting vocals add a greater depth to the synth-heavy industrial flare created by Ryan and Eustis.   The album is a labor of love that comes from a tidal wave of emotions. 

Since forming, the band has undergone a series of unfortunate events–from deaths of close friends to being robbed to dealing with crippling paranoia and anxiety.  The Black Queen have worked to rebuild themselves from the ground up. Determined to create their music on their own terms, the trio have found themselves back to creating music that represents them and no one else.  “It’s just an expression of passion and individualism in a way that opens more doors for us to create and to own what we create with minimal compromise.  It’s as much an act of refusal as it is a statement of intent” says Puciato in their Federal Prisoner label biography.

The fact that the band is determined to be themselves with no compromise to their integrity is present in every song.  The album deliberately does not ascribe to any particular genre or sound.  They diligently work to make this a 100% full investment of their time, effort, and passion.  On The Vinyl Guide podcast, Puciato admits he’s “turned down several collaborations…” because he wants to maintain the integrity of his involvement with The Black Queen. The overall feel of the album evokes such strong emotions that it is easy to get lost in the music.  Throughout the album, you can definitely hear the influences of the members’ former bands.  Together, they create a perfect storm of synthesizers and industrial sound with melodic vocals.

Songs like “Lies About You” and “Porcelain Veins” have a heavy ’80s influence in sound.  These tracks quickly pull you into a Molly Ringwald sense of life.  The emotional tidal wave within this music is inescapable. “No Accusations” sounds like a softer rendition of emotional Nine Inch Nails songs.  Instead of an aggressive song with brutal lyrics from Trent Reznor, you are treated to a softer beat.  The mellifluous vocals of Puciato pulling you away from reality.         

The second track of the album, “Thrown into the Dark,” conjures up images of Robert Plant crooning into the microphone.  The ethereal vocals form a perfectly timed duet with the music. “One Edge of Two” sounds like a wonderful combination of Dredg and Empathy Test.  The mellisonant tone of the song makes it the perfect track to end on.    

I am particularly thrilled to have had the opportunity to hear this album in its entirety before its official release.  This album will quickly find its way into heavy rotation at my house.

To find out more about The Black Queen, visit their webpage.

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