Lord of the Lost’s “Thornstar” is a MUST Listen

Lord of the Lost
(Left to Right: Pi, Niklas Kahl, Chris “The Lord” Harms, Gared Dirge, Class Grenayde)

German rockers Lord of the Lost have released their latest album, Thornstar. This concept album comes with a lot of hype.  Recently signed to Napalm Records, LoTL created a long backstory to accompany their latest masterpiece.  Leading up to this much anticipated release, LoTL teased fans with a newly created alphabet that would eventually feed into a new religion.  Known for pushing the envelope, LoTL continues to experiment with new sounds and techniques.

Through his lyrics, Chris “The Lord” Harms has often flirted with the ideas of good and evil.  This album is no exception.  His continued exploration of this dichotomy through the new album highlights his true musical genius.

To help build hype with the album, LoTL took several different steps.  By first creating a new alphabet, much speculation was created.  Following this alphabet, LoTL introduced the new gods and goddess of their religion.  Finally, they released a three-part documentary showing that this album is, in fact, a labour of love.

The first single, “On This Rock I Will Build My Church” set the tone for what is an extremely powerful religious experience.  Heavy bass, strong drums, and synthesizer work are emphasized with guitar chords that penetrate your very soul.  Harms vocals range from the dulcetly deep croonings like Ville Valo of HIM and Nick Cave to the harsh screaming metal vocals of Nergal from Behemoth.  Never one to shy away from attempting new styles, Harms perfectly blends his many vocal stylings to create a truly religious experience.

Adding to their ever-evolving style, Thorstar calls upon the classical training of Harms and his fellow bandmate Gared Dirge.  Harms plays the cello and Dirge uses the piano to give the third single, “Black Halo,” a symphonic metal sound.  (It has just been annouced via social media that the band has finished shooting the video for this song.)

It is strongly recommended that you get the double-disc edition of Thornstar because the second disc includes “Abracadabra,” a duet with Dero Goi of Oomph! and the powerful ballad “Voodoo Doll.”  LoTL often features duets with friends.  These duets always turn out to be spectacular and “Abracadabra” is no exception.  Harms is particularly smart in choosing vocalists who are a compliment to his style.  Goi and Harms create a nice pairing.

For over 5 years, I have been a huge fan and supporter of Lord of the Lost.  The talent within this band, and particularly its brain-child Chris Harms, is not something often witnessed in the music industry.  Having the ability to range from metal (Lord of the Lost) to folk music (Harms & Kapelle) to classical (Lord of the Lost: Swan Ensemble) takes talent and an understanding of music that not all have.

After many successful tours and festival performances (seven times at M’era Luna!), Lord of the Lost are building up to take Thornstar on a world tour.

Lord of the Los

To find out more about Lord of the Lost, visit their website.
They are also very active and responsive on their facebook page.

Making of Documentary:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Background Stories for Thornstar gods and goddesses.

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