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Are you looking for something to watch?

Here’s a list of 10 movies/ series that anyone who appreciates music should see.

Jack and Ozzy’s World Detour (Series) —  In the early 2000s, I used to watch The Osbournes religiously.  I was always fascinated by the fact that, despite all their money, they still had a very normal life.  Now 15 years later, Jack and Ozzy have a new show on A&E.  Now on its third season, the series features Jack and Ozzy creating memories.  Together in an RV, they travel around the United States.  Ozzy is a rabid history fan and Jack is an adrenaline junky.

American Satan (Movie)– This updated Faust legend stars Andy Biersack of the Black Veil Brides as an unknown musician willing to sell his soul to the devil.  This movie is the epitome of rock’n’roll–jam-packed with (gratuitous) sex and drugs.  While the movie is fairly predictable, Biersack gives a compelling performance as a mentally anguished teen.  A rockstar portraying a rockstar helps to add the believability.  The only disappointing factor to the movie is that Biersack does not do his own singing.

Mourning Son (Documentary)– For those who are unaware, Dave Navarro’s childhood is marred by an event no one should ever endure.  Navarro’s mother was brutally murdered by an ex-boyfriend.  In this documentary, Navarro opens up about the events that scarred his past.  This emotional documentary allows you to see the human side of celebrities.

Rock of Ages (Movie)–  Anyone who grew up in or loved 80s rock has to see this movie.  The star-studded cast delivers a fictionalized account of most large 80s hair bands who lost their lead singers to solo careers.  Wrapped in one of the many sub-plots, Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a spectacular Tipper Gore-esque politician’s wife hell bent on censoring the rock community.  If you watch this movie and don’t sing a long, you might just be dead inside.

Queen of the Damned (Movie)–  Okay.   This is not a good movie, but the soundtrack is phenomenal.  This film was Jonathan Davis of Korn’s first real descent into scoring.  While Davis supplied the vocals for Lestat in the film, he enlisted many rock celebs to sing on the soundtrack.  This list includes Marilyn Manson, Dave Draiman, the late Wayne Static, and the late Chester Bennington.

Jersey Boys (Movie)–  This biopic musical tells the story of the formation of The Four Seasons.  It chronicles their climb to fame with hit after hit, while showing their fall from grace because of one member’s life mistakes.  In all of this, you also learn of the heartache that Frankie Valli overcomes to continue his career.  You don’t realize just how many Four Seasons songs you know until you watch this movie.  You even forget that Frankie Valli sang the opening song to Grease.

Memphis (Musical)– I had the pleasure of seeing Memphis when it was still a touring work.  Set in the segregated South, Memphis follows a young white disc jockey who is in love with rock’n’roll.  This leads to even higher tensions in his town when he ventures into the colored district and falls for young singer.  The musical follows their journey of love, music, and civil rights.

Roadies (Series)– This short-lived series (one season) takes a highly fictionalized look at what it’s like to be a roadie for a large band.  Though the acting is sub-par and the story line is overly cliched, the most interesting aspects of the episode were when the roadies were actually setting up the show.  When you go to concerts, you always see them working, but you won’t fully appreciate the amount of time and work until you watch an episode of this show.

This Is It (Documentary)– This gut-wrenching documentary about the King of Pop’s last performances is mind-blowing.  This film always you to see the thought process of a mad genius.  While rehearsing and performing all of his biggest hits, Michael Jackson allows you to see just how his mind works.  Sadly, he also opens himself up in a way that allows you to see the deterioration of his physical form.  Often performing in 3 or 4 layers of clothes, poor Jackson has wasted away to practically nothing.  During his rehearsal for “Thriller,” he almost looks to frail to perform.  Still, his voice just as strong as ever, implores you to sing along.

Any Rob Zombie Movie– In 2003, Rob Zombie ventured from stage to screen.  Aiming to redefine the horror film, he first gave us House of 1000 Corpses. While many balked at the goriness of his films, you cannot deny the film scores and soundtracks that accompany them.  His keen ear and eye have allowed him to make the horror genre his own.  Kooky characters and amazing music lead to a great time.  After a while, he enlisted to help of friend and guitarist John 5 to create true movie magic.

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