Aesthetic Perfection Covers “Bye Bye Bye”

Originally a b-side to his February 2nd single “Ebb and Flow,” Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection revamps the ‘Nsync hit “Bye Bye Bye.”

The original pop hit was met with a more than welcoming reception. The problem with this? It seems no one really ever read the lyrics! (It’s really difficult for bubble-gum pop to portray any negative emotions.)With the new cover, Aesthetic Perfection strips the song down to its bare bones. With the help of Nikki Misery, the song becomes what it should be: a lament to a dying relationship.

This cover is definitely a departure from what Aesthetic Perfection is known for, but Graves and Misery make it work. They have turned the saccharine drenched dance song into the elegy it needs to be.

The video (directed by the ever-talented Nyxx) showcases a couple slowly disintegrating into murderous enemies. The color choices and setting help to solidify the emotional and psychological state of the song. (Graves even has a little Justin Timberlake “Cry Me A River” vibe going on when he sings with that hoodie on.)

If you like Daniel Graves and Aesthetic Perfection, consider supporting his Patreon account. You can also follow on instagram and twitter.

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