“Candy Coated Suicide” Should Be “Your Addiction”

On August 24th, Night Club will be releasing their highly anticipated follow-up to Requiem for Romance.  Leading up to the new album Scary World, they have teased fans with two singles.  “Your Addiction” (released July 20th) is definitely the teaser fans needed.

This song follows Night Club’s typical electronic style with coquettish vocals, but it takes the music to a much darker place.  The voice manipulation constantly repeating “I’ve got you strung out/I’ll tear your heart out” aptly describes what it is like to be addicted to someone.

The previous single, “Candy Coated Suicide,” feeds very well into the new single.  The two songs have word-play that definitely bounce off of each other well.  These two songs come across as two parts of a whole.  (I can only hope that when a video is made for “Your Addiction” that the bunnies will return.)

Night Club is currently touring Europe with Combichrist and Wednesday 13.


To learn more about Night Club:


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