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Buel ft. Thai Long Ly “Bad Poetry”: A Review

Buel’s latest single is available on Spotify. (Photo courtesy of Buel’s facebook page.)

Buel remembers music playing an active role in her life as early as the age of 4. While her beginnings are rooted in piano and singing, at the age of 15 she taught herself to play guitar and began writing her own music. Now with seasoned experience, she is attempting to take the music industry by storm (and I’m not going to stop her).

Her latest release “Bad Poetry” featuring Thai Long Ly is a catchy pop song without being traditionally pop-py. In writing the song, Buel’s main goal was to look at an extremely human condition. “[I]’m hearing a lot of romantic lyrics and songs on the radio and [I] just wanted to create a different perception to a relationship. People usually talk about how the other person doesn’t want them and they want them so much etc and [I] just wanted to point out that not wanting a relationship with someone is just a natural situation and we don’t have to be ashamed of the bad poetry that we created or try to fix it.” Buel’s voice is very similar to many of the female vocalists from the late ’90s. These vocals combined with a very fresh perspective on relationships that just don’t work and a pop-folksy tune make for a new and intriguing sound.

The video to accompany the song is equally artistic in nature. Two dancers, Donovan Tunay and Krystyna Sorrentino, depict the conversations of a relationship while Buel narrates their story. In a very stark background, we see the dancers display emotions and movements that we in society don’t always openly address. Buel is very quick to point out that “I don’t want my music, lyrics or videos to be about what people expect to see and i’m not trying to surprise them either.”

This song is both refreshing and nostalgic at the same time. Her vocal style is a wonderful mash-up of a young Gwen Stefani mixed with the edginess of Big Naked and the soul of Stella Soleil. In a time of auto-tuned pop-princesses, Buel is a breath of fresh air. I definitely look forward to seeing what she will put out in the future.

To find out more about Buel and/or Thai Long Ly:

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