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Panzie’s “The Joke’s On You”: A Review

Panzie’s latest EP: “The Joke’s On You.” Released April 1, 2018.

Panzie’s “The Joke’s On You” EP was released on April 1.  That’s right, April Fool’s Day saw the release of a record titled “The Joke’s On You.”

And guess what?  If you haven’t heard this EP, the joke really is on you.

The six track EP is a hard hitting rock release that starts off strong with the song “Say Something.”  The song is heavily driven by some very impressive drum and bass beats, thanks to John Servo Di Salvo and Kevin Jones.  It’s definitely the track to start with because of the instantaneous toe-tapping beat.  Jasin Cadic will quickly have your shouting “Say, say say, say, say something.”  Intermixed with the catchy chorus, they have intermixed soundbits.  This mashup adds to the overall heavy tone of the song.

The second track on the EP, “Clown,” is also their latest single.  The song’s lyrics begin with the title of the EP.  “The joke’s on me, the joke’s on you.” One of my favorite tracks on the EP, the song contains some very nice, heavy guitar riffs that really get your head bobbing along.  As you listen to the song more, it becomes harder and harder not to play air guitar and scream the lyrics.  Jonnie Rockit and DC Gonzalez definitely highlight their guitar skills on this track. 

I’m not going to lie, but the video for “Clown” kinda messes with my head.  The opening scene with a mask attached to the back of Cadic’s head while it spins back and forth is really a trip.  But I believe true art should make you slightly uncomfortable.  Because when you are uncomfortable, you ask questions.  If this video is even a tiny preview of the dynamics this band brings to the stage, Panzie must put on one hell of a show.


“Shape Shifter” is arguably my favorite track.  The intro guitars really set a great beat.  The combination of vocal styles on the song add to the idea of a “Shape Shifter,” shifting from one identity to the next.  The chorus of the song draws you in, making you tap your foot and bob you head.  Then at 2:37, Cadic starts screaming in front of some of the heaviest guitar riffs on the EP.  Under all of this, you can hear the hard hitting bass.  Turned up loud enough, “Shape Shifter” is that song that you can feel in your very core.

Next is “Times Up.”  The song starts with a guitar, bass, drum marriage that will make any music aficionado stand up and pay attention. “Times Up” is the heaviest song in terms of music.  It definitely packs a punch.  Listening to it parts and pieces, it gives me a feeling reminiscent of the late ’90s/early ‘00s rock.  It’s almost like Slipknot and Marilyn Manson had a baby.  The kind of baby that screams at you and makes you fucking notice him.

“Take Off Your Mask” sounds like part two of “Say Something.”  It feels like the song is a response to the earlier track.  With a bombastic start, the guitar work in this song is nothing short of spectacular. 

Closing out the EP is “Scene of a Crime.”  Honestly, this is probably my least favorite track on the EP.  And by least favorite, I mean I give it an 8/10 while all the others receive 9s or 10s.  This track feels a little like an amalgamation of previous Panzie songs.  What trips me up on the song (and coincidentally is my favorite part) is the tempo change that occurs about 2 minutes in.  The addition of the “sing-song” circus music at the end really helps to draw the EP to a close.  The most poignant line delivered by Cadic is “We are all just puppets here.  Some of us just happen to see the strings.”  This final thought leaves the listener really thinking about all of the tracks and their intentions.

Live photo of Panzie Courtesy of their facebook page.

I wish I could remember how or who introduced me to Panzie, but I can’t.  But I will say that I am grateful to whoever put them on my radar.  This band has a sound and an aesthetic I can definitely get behind.  I wish I knew how to properly describe their music, but I can’t.  I do not have the words to describe their sound. 

To find out more about Panzie, visit their facebook page or their website

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