Papa Be Trollin’ Again

While the fandom hangs on tender hooks, awaiting a new single, Papa be trollin’ us hard.  Let’s take a look at what this sexy fucker has been up to in the last 24 hours.

First:  The fandom is treated to a bizarre set of tweets by Sister Imperator.  She’s babbling about pagan goddesses and other random shit.

Second:  The band releases a very short video depicting ghouls on an Easter Egg hunt in a cemetery.

Third:  The Ghost Fangirl FBI finds a new video playlist on Ghost’s youtube channel set to private.

Next:  The fandom goes fucking nuts.  Is it a single?  A new music video?  Is it a protege reveal?  Album announcement?  Many begin looking for “hints” within the video about what is happening.  A reference to the Witching Hour keeps many a fan up until 3AM.  Only to be disappointed when nothing happens.

Then:  The video is released to the public for approximately 30 minutes before being set back to private.  The inter webs going nucking futs.  And… really?  Over a video with a Papa Nil having a fantasy over Sister Imperator?  Give me a fucking break.  (Though, I will admit that part with the saxophone made me chuckle.)

Finally:  The video is made public again and Sister Imperator starts twattley-tweeting again.  She graciously accepts all compliments about her appearance in said video. 

Effectively, someone has kept the fandom checking all their socials all day.  People are having panic attacks and they’re flopping all over the place.  Me?  I’m slightly perturbed that I’ve wasted a whole day staring at my phone only to learn NOTHING new.  (Except that Papa Nil plays the saxophone.) And just how many chapters am I meant to watch before I get some new music?

Items to Note from the Video:

  • Papa Nil has lost his back hump.
  • Papa Nil grew 6 inches.
  • Papa Nil has a mad crush on Sister Imperator.
  • Papa Nil is apparently where Papa III gets his oral fixation from.  But saxophone to kazoo.  Is this some kind of penile reference that is going over my head?
  • Sister Imperator is ACTUALLY NICE TO SOMEONE.
Credit to the maker of this meme. It perfectly sums up the reactions to the release of Chapter 1.

PLUS:  Let us not forget the “leaked” photos of TF all over the fucking place within the last month.

This man is up to something and my FBI senses are tingling.

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