The Pope of Trolls

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am an avid Ghost fan.  Not like rabid, scary, creeper fan, but I am definitely ready to go to bat for Papa and his Ghouls.  That being said, I can’t help but notice a certain pattern by a certain person when it comes to hyping up new music, releases, and tours.

I’m sorry Ghouls and Ghulehs, but Papa is an internet troll.

Before you stone me to death, please read this with some light-hearted humor.  We all know I love me some Papa.

According to the article “10 Types of Internet Trolls You’ll Meet Online,” one of the top ten trolls you will encounter is “The Greedy Spammer Troll.  [T]here’s the dreaded spammer troll. This it the troll who truly could not care less about your post or discussion and is only posting to benefit himself. He wants you to check out his page, buy from his link, use his coupon code or download his free ebook. These trolls also include all those users you see littering discussions on Twitter and Instagram and every other social network with “follow me!!!” posts.”

Some of you might be saying “That’s not my Papa!”, but hear me out.

Think about the internet tactics that this person/band use.

  1. Posts random tweets and message that only a cryptologist could figure out.
  2. Randomly changes website to colors and bizarre maps.
  3. Leaves you without any explanation for anything.
  4. Doesn’t give a shit what’s going on in your life or the world because only his shit matters.Yet,
  5. Expects you to “follow” and “consume” everything that is placed before you.

And let’s be honest, we fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

The twitter-sphere, facebooks, and instagranny went bonkers after the website, et al., changed to a cardinal red.  No text.  No photos.  Just red.  And we’re all abuzz about what it means, what is happening, and why.  For the love of all that is (un)holy…. WTF?  [Read:  Why Tobias Forge?]

In all honesty, this is the only guy I will ever allow to troll me.  He keeps it interesting.  He keeps me interested.  Isn’t that the end-goal of a troll?

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