The Real Reason It Costs So Much: An Op-Ed Piece

Please watch this video before continuing to read.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Aesthetic Perfection isn’t as big as other bands.  But next time you wanna rip on someone like Tobias Forge, think about the money that dude is out for every fucking tour he goes on! I mean, jesus fucking christ, $50 grand for a bus?!

I’m sure I’m going to be stepping on a lot of toes with this, but someone has to stick up for the hard working musicians.

I get so upset when I see people buying and selling unlicensed band shit.  Including fan art.  Fan art does not equal licensed merch. This is especially irksome because those who buy that shit are the first people to bitch about how much it costs to go to a show and/or purchase band merchandise.

HELL-O?!  You’re literally taking money and food right out of the bands’ pockets and mouths.  And you aren’t helping matters when you buy from Amazon, Tee Spring, and all those other stupid shitty websites that pop-up in your facebook feed.  Do you really think the band has given permission to use their image?  If you do, you’re a bigger idiot than I originally thought.

If you’re so hard up for cash that you need to sling unlicensed merchandise and fan art, try getting a fucking job.  Join the gainfully employed.

Let’s take a deeper look at how difficult it is to make it as a musician.
In order to go gold in the US, a musician/band must sell 500,000 units.  Sounds easy right?  Just jump on ol’ Spotify and play the song.  WRONG.  You would have to stream a song 1500 times to count as 1 unit of sale.  This means a song needs 6 million streams to go gold.  Still thinking Spotify is a good way to support your favorite artist?  Go buy a CD or a vinyl, you dolt!  No wonder we never hear of our favorite artists going gold.  Never mind platinum or diamond.  The only person out there with that many streams is someone like Justin Bieber or Kanye West or Taylor Swift.  Please take a gander at these articles while I go throw up.

How Much Does the Average Artist Earn Per Play on Spotify?

Spotify’s Year in Music Shows Just How Little We Pay Artists for Their Music

Okay.  Now that I have that out of my system, consider how you would feel if someone did this to you.  Oh, you’re a teacher?  Well instead of having your students use an appropriate textbook, why don’t you buy these words I’ve scribbled so lovingly on toilet paper.  It’s the same thing and I need $50 to go buy a clue.

Look.  The bottom line is we’re a part of a dying community.  Rock… metal… whatever you want to call it.  Slowly but surely artists like Beyonce and T. Swizzle-Stick are killing our community.  If we don’t stick up for it and treat it right, who will?

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