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Lord of the Lost: The German Band You NEED To Know

A few years back, I was using iHeart Radio to play music in my car.  I was immediately drawn to an unknown song. In my opinion, it sounded like HIM, Depeche Mode, and Marilyn Manson had a child. Sexy, right?
I took a screenshot of the song and continued to drive. I told myself to definitely look the band up when I got home. I finally got around to looking up this band called Lord of the Lost.

I went to youtube to look up a song called “Dry the Rain.” Apparently, it was their very first single. By the end of the video, I was hooked. I was absolutely consumed by their music. I started to purchase any and all music I could find on iTunes.

To date, Lord of the Lost has released 6 studio albums, 2 live albums, and a myriad of EPs.   They have 19 music videos and a live DVD. They even have their own little series on youtube called “TV of the Lost.”  Below is one of my favorite episodes of TV of the Lost.  It features members of Combichrist and shows what happens when boys have a lot to drink and too much free time.

I have yet to see the band live; however, I have watched LOTS of concert footage. They are coming to the states with KMFDM in October. (I’m going to three shows. Gonna soak it up while I can.) . [Sadly, it was announced that Lord of the Lost was denied entry into the US and could not tour with KMFDM.]

What is truly unique, to me, about this band is the characteristics of its members. Each member, past and present, have brought something unique to the band and its sound.

Current Line-Up

Chris “The Lord” Harms is the founding member and lead singer. On top of the weighty responsibility of singing and writing lyrics in a foreign language, Harms has also produced several Lord of the Lost albums AND albums for other bands. This includes the latest KMFDM album “Hell Yeah.” Harms is a classically trained cellist who has mastered several other instruments as well. His deep singing voice rivals that of Ville Valo. (And in my opinion, is better.) With a wide range of growls, screams, and soft vocals, Harms runs the gambit.

Class Grenayde is the only other remaining original member of the band. He has been working with Harms since 2008 as the bassist for the band. His work on the bass is incredible. (I would like to point out that it is because of Class Grenayde that I have become a rabid Ghost fan. Thanks Class!)
Gared Dirge joined LotL in 2010. He is a man of many talents. On stage, he can be seen playing keys, guitar, drums, and probably any other instrument that he is asked to play. His sense of humor about himself and life make him an extremely likable entity. Dirge is a classically trained pianist. As a former piano player, I love to watch him play the keys and piano. His hand work on the piano is so beautiful. If you have the chance, check out the tutorial he gives for the piano portion of “La Bomba” and tell me that isn’t talent. Dirge is also known to accompany Harms on vocals, often taking the deepest, growliest parts of a song.
Pi (π) joined LotL in 2017. Originally a tech for the band, Pi stepped into the role of guitarist when long-time guitarist Bo Six left. Pi is one of the youngest members of the band, which is often reflected in his antics behind the scenes. However, when Pi steps on stage, an incredibly vibrant and enthusiastic guitarist emerges.

Niklas Kahl also joined LotL in 2017. After Tobias Mertens, their second longest tenured drummer, left the band. I actually don’t know much about Kahl. I have heard that he is incredible to watch on stage. I believe Harms picked him up from another German band, Erdling, as they were friends. I am not aware if his plans are to stay with the band until Mertens returns from his hiatus or not.  [An announcement was made in December of 2017 that Niklas Kahl would become a permanent fixture in the band.]

Former Members:
*There have been several members rotating in and out over the past 8-9 years. As I do not know a lot about all of them, I will simply mention their instrument and tenure.

  • Sensai: guitars (2008-2010)
  • Sebsta: guitars (2008-2011)
  • Any Wayst: drums (2008-2011)
  • Disco: drums (2012-2014)
Bo Six: guitars (2009-2016)
  • Tobias Mertens: drums (2014-2017)

Versatility in a band has become somewhat of a necessity as of late.   Bands need multi-taskers…multi-instrumentalists.  Not only does a band need a talented group of musicians, but they need the ability to adapt to a finicky market.

Lord of the Lost has proven that not only do they possess musicians that are multi talented, but that they embrace an ever changing sound.  They pull inspiration from many places.  It makes it incredibly difficult to get bored.  Perhaps the best example of LotL’s ability to be multifaceted is their 2015 release Swan Songs.

This project began after LotL participated in Germany’s Gothic Meets Klassic.  A concert that takes rock music and sets it to a classical tone.  Notable performers include Combichrist and BlutEngel.  Realistically, it’s a knock-off of Metallica’s S&M.  The biggest difference between Metallica’s S&M and Gothic Meets Klassic is that all instruments involved are classical/acoustic.   Drawing from the fun that LotL had with Gothic Meets Klassic, the band embarked on a journey to turn their biggest hits into classical masterpieces.

Enlisting the help of Corvin Bahn, Chris Harms and company set out to complete, what would seem to some, an impossible task.  After penning the music, LotL brought in a mini orchestra to re-record their music. The Swan Symphony included two classically trained pianists (Corvin Bahn and Gared Dirge), two violinists, two cellists(One cellist being Harms), a trumpeter, an acoustic guitar (Bo Six), acoustic bass (Class Grenayde), and an acoustic/classical drum set (Tobias Mertens).  On top of rewriting older songs, LotL surprised fans with 8 new songs.

The Swan Songs album was so well-received that the band toured Germany with their mini-orchestra in tow.  They were often asked to perform not once, but twice at festivals.  Once with the Swan Symphony and once as a metal band.  The most notable was M’era Luna 2016.  LotL aslo released a live DVD of their Swan Symphonies tour entitled “A Night to Remember-Live Acoustic in Hamburg.”

On October 6, 2017, LotL is set to drop the follow-up Swan Songs II.

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